19 August 2015
Tom Lovelace was artist in residence at Lendi Projects from May to June of 2015 and, as per the ethos of the residency, produced work that responded to the isolated and mountainous Engadin Valley. Lovelace has spent most of his life living and working in London, so his urban existence was shaken in 2015 with both the Lendi Projects invitation, and his inclusion in another show outside of the city – at the New Art Centre, Roche Court (Salisbury). This is the first time his artistic practice has engaged so directly with nature. However, it seemed fitting to ask him..
27 July 2015
Curated by Holly Willats and Alma Zevi 1 August – 27 September 2015   In line with the New Art Centre's important history of supporting forward-thinking young artists, each artist represented in the group exhibition GROUNDWORK is at a significant point in their early careers. Miriam Austin, Rob Chavasse, Freddy Dewe Mathews, Tom Lovelace and David Murphy are London-based and of the same generation, providing an illuminating showcase of current concerns in emerging contemporary practices. GROUNDWORK has been curated by Holly Willats and Alma Zevi. Exhibited is a broad selection of media: sculpture, film, drawing and photography, with each artist making new work for..
13 July 2015

Cologne-based artists Melike Kara and Şirin Şimşek are opening a new off-space in the Agnesviertel district of Cologne. The inaugural show is a two-person presentation of up-and-coming artists Tamina Amadyar and Christiane Blattmann. The concept is to have a loose, open and international programme, offering curators the chance to present work by exciting emerging artists. Don't miss the opening this Friday, 17th July!                                                                  www.agnesmaybach.com
03 June 2015
American-Brazilian artist Juliana Cerqueira Leite has a studio in Brooklyn that is housed in a converted industrial building and spans two entire blocks. Cerqueira Leite’s work is intensely physical, using the body to mould and shape clay that is then cast in plaster or resin to produce monumental sculptures. The preparation is physically exhausting and requires a significant level of structural engineering. About a third of the studio was taken up by the wooden scaffold that will be used for her next sculpture where she will turn her body while being encased in clay. This will be cast to create..
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