10 December 2014
  James Capper has a wild imagination. Fused with his sophisticated grasp of engineering processes, this defines his distinctive artwork. Taking inspiration from Richard Serra, David Smith, Julio González, and Anthony Caro, Capper cuts and welds steel, fabricating all of his works himself. For his sculptures, which are the heart of his oeuvre, he uses the materials and problem-solving mentality of mechanical engineering. Alongside the sculptures, his work incorporates drawings, maquettes, and performances. Capper, born in Kent in 1987, lives and works in London and graduated in 2010 with an MA in..
31 October 2014
Miram Austin is a sculptor who is a particularly imaginative and skilled mould-maker. She works with various resins, plastics and waxes, applying them in surprising ways. Her sculptures are sensual and tactile, yet have a hard, almost defensive, quality too. This can be clearly observed in Objects for a Mourning Ritual, particularly the flower works within this larger piece, that are dipped in wax, like a protective shield, which are also oddly sensual. Austin preserves the ghost of the flower but also creates an entirely new form, drawing from Rachel Whiteread in some ways, yet forging her own vocabulary and..
27 August 2014
Emerging English artist Freddy Dewe Mathews presents artworks of great beauty while introducing surprising conceptual nuances. His work, which is manifested in a multitude of disciplines, can be appreciated and interpreted in a myriad of different ways. This is partly due to its deeply evocative nature that creates an intimate yet open-ended view into whichever world he choses to offer his audience. In Dewe Mathews’ exhibition, Ritschercha, he chose the world of the mountains of the Graubünden. Utterly contagious is Dewe Mathews’ fascination with unwritten histories, folklore, craft, and the healing powers of nature. The way that these are re-interpreted..
27 August 2014
Everton is Not Vital's most recent series of drawings and was executed in February of 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. Vital has been travelling to Rio every year since 2011, yet in order to understand how he came to be there we must go back further. Vital was born in 1948 in Sent, a small village in the Engadin valley of Eastern Switzerland. At the age of 18 he moved to Paris, two years later to Rome, and in 1976 to New York. Since then he has been travelling incessantly to all corners of the world – living and working..
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